Head, Heart and Home Decluttering Course

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Is Your Home Out Of Control?

Are you sick of nagging people to put things away?

Tired of feeling like you spend the day picking up after others?

Is your home constantly messy and your mind always muddled?

Do you want more clarity in your thoughts and simplicity in your life?

If you answered yes to these questions, then we think it’s time you know the secret to experiencing freedom and joy.

In our course we will show you the secrets to keeping your home organised without having to spend hours every day tidying up.

Join us now to experience this freedom in YOUR home.

Join us as we unpack all the things that create clutter in our lives and learn the key to living a decluttered and organised life that you can embrace and enjoy.

Together, we will explore what it takes to have a home that is welcoming and well-organised – where you are free to focus on living freely and abundantly.

Come join us, we’d love you to have you in our course community!

Amy & Kirsty x

Payment Options

Prices are in AUD. One off payment of $497 AUD is approx $325 USD and payment plan is approx $36 USD per month for 10 months

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Lex's Story - Life Change

Our course is more than just teaching you organising and decluttering skills – that is one part of it, but there are many people who spend hours and weeks organising and then have their homes fall back into disarray. The course is more than just organising – it’s about giving you the mindsets, habits and routines to turn your home into a sanctuary, without carrying the weight of this transformation all by yourself. You’re not alone on this journey to a clutter-free reality. We’ll be with you from the start to finish, providing motivation and inspiration on the journey. And we bring with us a supportive and encouraging online community as your additional cheer squad.

Meet Your Coaches

  • Amy & Kirsty

    Amy & Kirsty

    We have spent year 12+ years and thousands of hours with our clients practising and implementing amazing habits that have freed them from the feeling of frazzle in their homes. Now we want to pass this knowledge onto you! We’re passionate about helping women just like you, create a home that you love to live in. We both have families ourselves (we have four energetic kids between us) and know the harmony that being decluttered and organised brings. It can be a challenge to keep your home feeling relaxed while you’re running around after kids, working and juggling everything else you carry on your plate. We’ve put together our best secrets so that you can create and maintain a decluttered and organised home that you love. We’ll share the secrets to enjoying a lifetime of freedom from overwhelming ‘stuff’

You Will Learn


    What do you want your home to look and feel like? We’ll help you get there.


    Learn our 4 step decluttering process and identify doubts that threaten to trip you up.


    How can habits change the way your home runs without adding extra things to your to-do list?


    Our biggest tips for reducing procrastination and keeping motivated on your journey.


    Find out more about minimalism and how you can change the story you tell yourself about your stuff.


    Secrets to staying organised and having a family that works together without creating dramas.

Prices are in AUD. Single payment is approx $325 USD and payment plan is approx $36 USD

Watch Intro Video

Belinda's Story: Family Transformation

After completing our course, we’ve seen lives and homes transformed! People have broken free of physical clutter and then been able clearing the mental and emotional clutter. We’ve seen people let go of tonnes of clutter so that they can actually use rooms again. Bedrooms have been reclaimed as sanctuaries of intimacy instead of dumping grounds. Kitchens have become rooms that families gather in to reconnect over food instead of places where bills, notes, gift vouchers and food get forgotten.

What You Get


    6 video modules with decluttering secrets to set you free from procrastination and stress


    Interactive coaching calls with Kirsty and Amy during live rounds


    New challenges to keep you on track and motivated.


    A private Facebook group to encourage and inspire you.fa


    Lifetime access to help you stay decluttered and organise for life.


    Personal growth and empowerment to make the changes that will bring you more time to enjoy your life.

Payment Options

Prices are in AUD. One off payment of $497 AUD is approx $325 USD and payment plan is approx $36 USD per month for 10 months

Transformation is yours for the taking!

Our Course Participants Before and Afters Transformations

These before and after photos are real life photos from people in the course – these inspiring women are not only able to create radical transformations like this but through the tools we teach… keep it this way!!

Prices are in AUD. Single payment ($497 AUD) is approx $325 USD and payment plan is approx $36 USD per month